12 Amazing Hidden Features of Smartphones You should Know


Smartphones are tiny practical gadgets with an astounding array of features. They have significantly impacted everyday lives to the point where most people can’t fathom living without them. Are you really getting the most out of your phone? You could believe you know it like the back of your hand.

While some of today’s youngsters may not be able to recall a period before cell phones, others have had to pick up the skills necessary to use a smartphone and all of its features. Additionally, it feels like there’s something new to learn every day due to the increased commitment to innovation and technology.

However, there are a few additional functions that are tucked away in the settings section that are either uncommon or are only intended for experienced users. As a result, you frequently overlook some of these products’ most astounding capabilities. How much do you actually understand about your Phone or tablet, though? You can call and text people, sure, but there’s something in this article you didn’t know.

Here are 12 hidden smartphone functions that can surprise you!

1. Use secret codes to turn on your phone’s hidden features:

Try out this fascinating trick if you want to feel like a technical expert. For a number of important purposes, both Androids and iPhones have secret codes you may call. For instance, dial #31# + [your number] before making a call if you wish to conceal your phone number. There are codes for enhancing call quality, seeing use data for your smartphone, monitoring data usage, and more.

2. Mirroring your phone’s screen on your television:

The screen on your phone is too small for everyone to watch the video you want to show your friends, though. Using the screen mirroring feature on select smartphone models, you can project your screen on your TV.

Enabling AirPlay on your smartphone and connecting it to the TV will enable this hidden iPhone feature if you have an Apple TV. Chromecast is your best buddy if you use an Android. By just touching an icon on this little gadget, you may show apps on your TV.

3. Scan QR codes devoid of a mobile app:

Recently, QR codes have become more popular, in part because of the pandemic. Governments are starting to use them as well. Trades and cafeterias could have used them to limit contact between staff and patrons.

Prior to now, using QR codes required a specific app, but most smartphones (including iPhone and Android models) can now scan them simply by taking a picture. The phone’s camera app will detect the QR code and show the link right away. 

4. Attach a keyboard or mouse to your phone:

Do you want to use your Android device as a computer? Another interesting feature of cellphones is that! You can connect a PC mouse or keyboard to a smartphone using USB cords. If your computer ever breaks down and you need to work or write something, this capability will come in handy especially!

To play your favorite mobile games while enjoying the comfortable, ergonomic feel of a gamepad, you can even attach a video game controller to your phone.

5. Enable History of Notifications:

It’s all unintentionally swiped away alerts in the past. It’s annoying, especially if you weren’t paying attention to whose app it originated from. A solution is available on Android 11 and later versions in the form of the Notification History feature.

It is simple to activate. Simply flip the toggle to the position under Settings > Apps and notifications > Notifications > Notification history. To check what you missed after enabling, hit History in the notification shade.

6. Capturing of the picture while filming video:

On your phone, did you realize that you may simultaneously shoot images and record videos? A tiny round button displays at the display when you begin recording a video. The button may be used to snap photographs.

Taking screenshots after recording doesn’t always work smoothly; thus, this tool is ideal if you want to catch important parts in your movie.

7. Advice for accelerating mobile phone charging:

Some older smartphones have a shorter battery life than more contemporary ones. You may need to learn battery-saving tactics if you want to avoid having to recharge your phone frequently.

You might be able to save battery life by using some apps through your browser rather than the real software. New apps can easily drain older cell phone batteries.

To make things simpler, you may add browser shortcuts directly to your home screen. For instance, you could change your settings to add Google Chrome on your home screen so you could open the Facebook mobile website just like an app. 

8. Avoid using applications to conserve battery:

The battery life of certain older cellphones is less than that of more recent ones. To prevent needing to charge your phone several times a day, you might need to figure out techniques to conserve battery.

Using some apps through your browser rather than the actual program might help you conserve battery life. Older mobile phone batteries can be quickly depleted by new apps.

You may add browser shortcuts right to your home screen to make things easier. For instance, you may add Google Chrome to your home screen in Settings so that you can launch the Facebook mobile website just like an app!

9. Use two applications simultaneously: 

When using a cell phone, having to move from one app to another might occasionally be annoying. It frequently requires many apps at once. For instance, while cooking, you could wish to look at a recipe and watch a TV show. Depending on the direction of your screen, this side-by-side or top-and-bottom app view is useful for multitasking, social networking, and displaying images.

To configure it, swipe up quickly from the bottom of your screen to bring up the app carousel. With the help of its split-screen display function, Android has fixed this issue. The two apps are shown one on top of the other in split screen mode, so you may use both at once. 

10. Recover the missed notification:

It happens when you mistakenly swiped away one of the alerts that you intended to read in full, and now you’re not sure, but you keep getting the nagging feeling that someone has emailed you. You’re in luck if you want to review every recent notice you’ve received on Android. Although it’s not simple to find, this option is available.

The home screen’s empty space may be tapped and held on to bring up a screen-adjusting mode. Find the Settings shortcut under Widgets. When you drop this icon in an open spot on one of your home screens, a list will appear right away. To view Android’s notification history, choose Notification log from the list and hit the icon.

11. Multitasking with Split Screen:

The capability of running two programs on the screen at once is Android’s most noteworthy feature. It’s helpful whether you’re using Google Meet to have a meeting while reading your emails, working on a spreadsheet while sending the relevant data in Messages, or face-calling a buddy while perusing social media in the background. However, it’s not quite obvious how to get programs to run in split-screen mode.

12. Transferring files through WiFi Direct:

Using Bluetooth to transmit files over an Android smartphone may be somewhat unpleasant since, in the majority of cases, a connection cannot be made, and, when one is made, file transmission is quite sluggish. Bluetooth certainly cannot compete with the lightning-fast file transfers made possible by WiFi. WiFi Direct provides the same “find, couple, and send” capability as Bluetooth. 

WiFi direct is currently less common than Bluetooth, though. Some devices might not support WiFi direct. The nicest thing about WiFi direct is that it can connect without the aid of any outside programs.

You must activate the direct WiFi settings in settings in order to transmit files using WiFi direct. Go to Settings -> Connections -> WiFi, then tap on the WiFi Direct tab at the top to accomplish this. Additionally, when the connection has been made, you may transfer any files by clicking on the share button and then choosing WiFi direct.


In this article, it is discussed that you may not have known about. Try them out on your Android device right away to get the most out of your device’s experience. Due to the fact that each Android device has a unique custom skin on top of Android, some of these functions may not function precisely the same in every device.

Smartphones are amazing little devices that pack a tonne of functionality into their little form factor. They had become so ingrained in daily lives that most users can’t imagine a time before they were invented. Using your phone to its full potential may seem like a pipe dream, but are you truly there? You can feel as though you have a complete mastery of the subject.

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