2020 Moto RAZR Durability Test with Jerry Rig: Will it Survive?

Jerry Rig did first ever durability test on 2020 Moto RAZR, Check here will it survive or not?

In this post enjoy the full unboxing of 2020 Moto RAZR and durability test of Motorola’s new foldable smartphone.

We all know that Moto RAZR is coming with a foldable screen and it’s original RAZR look. Jerry rig has done full durability test on it to check phone’s capacity.

Jerry has done full unboxing of the Moto RAZR. Phone have fully flexible 6.2 Inch folding main screen and small touch colour screen on the back, and you can use it to check the notification, and minor settings changes while the phone is foldable.

That same iconic folding flip phone that all the cool kids had is BACK.

But how much mistreatment can it handle? See at which point of time its screen got cracked. Find what happens if you accidentally try to bend the Razr phone back the wrong direction?

Jerry performed below test on 2020 Moto RAZR

  • Fold Test
  • Dust Test
  • Fire Test
  • Scratch Test

I hope you enjoyed this video.

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