Top 7 Mobile Game Apps In 2021


If you are bored you can use mobile gaming apps that are usually used to relieve boredom. There is a variety of app mostly used in 2021 like from battle royal games to create games. When you download these on the mobile you can use them anywhere. It also takes your mind off from all the negative things happening around you. According to one of the blogs, it has a positive impact on your mind. 

Mobile gaming apps are easy to use, download from the app store, and enjoy. You can download it anywhere everywhere. The top 7 mobile gaming apps are mentioned in this blog. You can choose any of these 7 to relieve your boredom. 

Candy crush saga

It is one of the most used apps nowadays. This app has around 272 monthly active players. This app not only removes your boredom but it has positive effects on your brain. These types of games can help you boost your memory power by 40%.

In this game, you have to move candies in a different direction to create a set of 3 or more 3 candies. You have to reach different targets to increase your level.

Dadish 2 

It is a free app and you can download this app from the Google play store. Dadish 2 is similar to the Mario game the only difference in this is that you have to rescue all the radish. You can get a ride with a hamburger, jump, and run to increase your level.

Call of Duty: Mobile 

An iconic game that you can play with multiple persons at one time. A high-rated most popular game that you can easily download from the app store. It is. Call of Duty: mobile has normal FPS online PVP mode with a 100-player battle royale.


Minecraft helps you to build your own world. It is one of the creative games that boost your mood. You can download it on any device like a window, and Google App store. The adventurous game that helps you to create, mine, battle mobs, and not only that you can discover the Minecraft landscapes.

In this game, there is a survival mode where you can mine your resources and food. This game helps in increasing your creativity. Multiple players can play this game at a time. 

PUBG Mobile

This game is one of the most popular games in 2021. It is released on Marich 19, 2018 and till now it has crossed around 1,148 billion downloads. It is one of the most used battle royale and multiple player games. 

PUBG mobile is easy to use. Anyone can download and use it, it contains some amazing features like; decent graphics, effective controls, and a simple premise. 


It is a battle royale game like Pubg. The main difference is that you have to fight and build an island in Fornite, whereas in Pubg you have to fight to get survived. It is also a free multiple player game in which you have to finish the battle royale. In the game, anyone can create an island and rule by building a Fornite. 

GRID Autosport

Last but not least, the GRID Autosport game is released in 2019 and the popularity of this increased 10 times in 2021. As compared to Asphalt and the Riptide GP, it is the best because of creative graphics, amazing control, hardware controller support. There is a variety of options available in this game like numerous cars available to unlock. 

The only problem with this game is you have to pay a certain amount to download it. It is a bit expensive and updates are really slow.


These top 7 mobile games are the most rated and download. These are easy to play, some of them are difficult but when you start playing you get addicted to them. the most played is candy crush saga, everyone has downloaded this game once. It is the most amazing and easy game to boost your mood. 

These game applications have positive impacts on your minds. However, the problem is that these trends are changing with time.

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