5 Weird Gadgets on Amazon to buy Under 500 Rs/INR

These Cheap and Weird Gadgets will completely change how you use your smartphone! They can be easily bought from a nearby store or online!

WaterProof MatchSticks:

This is a completely weird product but it can help to save your life anywhere, anytime. These match sticks keep burning even underwater.

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Pub G Trigger:

This is the most useful cheap gadget nowadays. PUBG has become the most popular mobile action game in all age groups today. We tested Spinbot and POKO mobile triggers from this list, and it works flawlessly with a great experience.

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Wall Sticker Adhesive Tape: 

This wall sticker nano holds adhesive tape has great sticking quality and grip. It works on a wet surface also and keeps holding it strongly.

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Magnesium Rod:

These small rods can help you for camping and outing in the forest. We tried “WowObjects Outdoor Wilderness Magnesium Flint Rod Camping Stone Fire Starter” in our recent outdoor camping. It helped a lot to us to start the fire with fewer efforts and we also discovered that it works even in the rain.

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Mist Maker:

This mist maker can decor your home, it’s just a plug-and-play game. All you have to do is plug it and put it into the water. You can put it in the aquarium or on the table you can put it for a foggy effect.

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