Android 10 update for Xiaomi mi A3 – When Xiaomi Mi A3 get the Android 10 update?


Note: If you are not the user of Xiaomi Mi A3 and want to know when your device will get the latest update of Android 10 then you can check by clicking here. We have listed all the devices with the manufacturing brand, which will get an Android 10 update in the near future.

Now lets come to the point that when Xiaomi Mi A3 will get the Android 10 update?

Well, the answer is very soon not in January month, but Xiaomi India has confirmed that the Xiaomi Mi A3 will get the Android 10 update in mid-February. The company didn’t mention that devices will get updates in batches or all devices will get Android 10 updates in once or the same time. So for those who have been waiting for the Android 10 updates since long will finally get to see the new Android soon.

Now which new features you will get when you update Xiaomi Mi A3 into Android 10.

If we talk about Xiaomi A3 Android new features, then you will get one update for sure is the Android security. You will also get a new Dark mode feature in your Mi A3. Xiaomi Mi A3 Android 10 update will also include new Gestures so the dark mode will help the device to save power consumption because Mi A3 has AMOLED display and new gestures could help with ease-of-use while navigating in the device.

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