Apple Store Online in India For iPhone Exchange Offer

Know which smartphones are eligible in an exchange offer for iPhone at Apple Store Online in India.

With Apple’s new online trade-in options, Apple lovers or customers in India can now exchange any below-listed “Eligible Smartphone” or credit to buy a brand new iPhone from the website.

As per our research, Apple Store Online will provide value up to 35k INR, which can be used to buy new iPhone mobile.

Apple Online Store India

Apple launched its first-ever Apple Online Store in India on Wednesday with mind-blowing offers and services.

Apple introduced a new trade-in option: exchange offers to buy an iPhone at a discounted price from the Store.

With Contactless delivery, some other customers can buy the same genuine product experience at the Apple Online Store in India

With Apple’s trade-ins or exchange offers, customers can exchange their used or old smartphones and iPhone to buy a new iPhone. Apple Online Store also has student discounts.

How to buy an iPhone in Apple Online Store India, trade-in.

What is the trade-in option?

Apple’s new trade-in option will allow users to get some price for giving their old smartphone or iPhone to the Store, which customers can use to buy a new iPhone.

For now, the company included some specific mobile models to participate in the trade-in option.

The maximum trade-in value on the Apple Online Trade store is ₹35,000.

Here below is the full list of Eligible Smartphones for Apple Trade-in.

List of smartphones eligible for trade-in option for an iPhone model along with the discount value:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 – Up to ₹23,020
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Up to ₹29,765
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e – Up to ₹19,650
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Up to ₹36,230
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Up to ₹27,175
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 – Up to ₹13,140
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Up to ₹13,020
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Up to ₹18,395
  • Samsung Galaxy A51 – Up to ₹11,545
  • Samsung Galaxy A71 – Up to ₹13,975
  • Samsung Galaxy A70 – Up to ₹9,710
  • Samsung Galaxy A70s – Up to ₹10,565
  • Samsung Galaxy A80 – Up to ₹11,310
  • OnePlus 7 – Up to ₹15,655
  • OnePlus 7T – Up to ₹19,170
  • OnePlus 6T – Up to ₹14,850

Apple Devices:

Below is the discounted value for every iPhone model:

  • iPhone XS Max – Up to ₹35,000
  • iPhone XS – Up to ₹34,000
  • iPhone XR – Up to ₹24,000
  • iPhone X – Up to ₹28,000
  • iPhone 8 Plus – Up to ₹21,000
  • iPhone 8 – Up to ₹17,000
  • iPhone 7 Plus – Up to ₹17,000
  • iPhone 7 – Up to ₹12,000
  • iPhone 6s Plus – Up to ₹9,000
  • iPhone 6s – Up to ₹8,000
  • iPhone 6 Plus – Up to ₹8,000
  • iPhone 6 – Up to ₹6,000
  • iPhone SE (1st generation) – Up to ₹5,000
  • iPhone 5s – Up to ₹3,000

Here is the direct link of Apple Online Store for India

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