ASUS Precog Specs, Price, Design and Release Date of this Dual Screen Laptop

ASUS again amazed with new dual-screen laptop ASUS Precog. This fastest and fully touch laptop hitting the market in 2020, ASUS General manager Rex Lee confirmed the Precog Release.

In his latest interview with Mashable India, Rex revealed that ASUS is all set to launch their DUAL touch display laptop in 2020. After ZenBook Duo series ASUS Precog is the second dual-screen laptop from ASUS without any physical keyboard. That means its second display takes the entirety of the bottom half where you get touch keyboard and other functionality.

Let’s dive into the specs & design:

ASUS Precog Design

ASUS Precog Specs, Price, Design ASUS Precog Specs, Price, Design

ASUS Precog Specifications

  • 100% conventionally you can use as a tablet
  • Sport 4K OLED dual touch displays
  • on-screen touch keyboard with auto mode – Keyboard will automatically pop-up when fingers near the display.
  • Stylus mode with AI support
  • Supports Intel’s Movidius VPU (Visual Processing Unit) for AI-powered experiences.
  • All-encompassing vision for AI with Stand Mode, Book Mode, Tent Mode, Flat Mode
  • INTELLIGENT TOUCH with Intelligent Type and Intelligent Create (Stylus Mode)

We don’t have many specs yet about this futuristic laptop. But we know that this laptop hit the market in 2020. Microsoft is also working to make their Windows 10X OS compatible for such dual-screen laptops and PCs.

ASUS Precog Price

Price details are still wrapped; we will keep this blog post updated with the latest news and details.

ASUS Precog Release Date

There is not confirmed date we have yet,But stay tuned with us we will keep this post updated.

Stay tuned with us for more updates of ASUS Precog dual display Laptop.

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