ASUS Released Android 10 beta with ZenUI 6 for ZenFone 5Z : How to Get?

ZenFone 5Z users, Good news for you. Asus rolls out a public Android 10 beta version with ZenUI 6 today.

After getting stable Android 10 update on Pixel devices, more manufacturers are releasing stable and beta updates of Android 10 for their devices. Recently ASUS surprisingly announced Android 10 beta updater with ZenUI 6 fot Zenfone 5Z model.

LG and Oppo also in the same queue they also released first Android 10 beta updates for LG G8 ThinQ and Oppo Reno.

Find what’s new and know how to get Android 10 beta in your ASUS phone?

Here is the full release note from the company:

ASUS Released Android 10 beta with ZenUI 6 for ZenFone 5Z : How to Get?
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We also have a list of official bugs for the ZenUI 6 public beta (version for ZenFone 5Z:

  • This theme does not yet support “My Creation”.
  • Lock the screen, quickly set up the menu, and temporarily set the ASUS theme style.
  • Clicking [Settings] > [Applications and Program Notifications] > [Reset Application Preferences] on the application information page will cause the system to restart automatically.
  • After accidentally switching the system language, click the “Recent” button to display the ASUS desktop stop action message.
  • Inductive payment is not available.
  • Some IOT devices / 3rd party app are not available.
  • SD card transmission speed is slow.

Android 10 Key Features for ASUS ZenFone 5z:

  • Native screen recorder
  • Special mode for one-handed
  • Asus’ Game Genie

How to Download Android 10 Beta update for ASUS mobiles?

Simply download the IP file from below link and run the manual update.

Download ZenUI 6 v100.04.44.67 for the ZenFone 5Z

Note : Must rename the zip file to before taking a step further.

Below is the Android 10 UI Screenshots :

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