ROG Phone 5 Leaked Photos, Specs, Release Date: Leaked from Certification

Asus is coming with its new 2021 gaming phone “ROG phone 5”. I know you also have a question in your mind that where is the ROG Phone 4?

But in the TENAA certification leak, we got to know that Asus named its upcoming gaming phone as ROG Phone 5 not 4? They skipped the number this time. Still, it’s just leaked details so we are not sure that the company will keep the same name. There are chances that the company will change the name of the phone before the launch or announcement.

Let’s see what is under the hood?

ASUS ROG 5 Specs:

We are sharing specs in the bullet points to keep it clear to understand and below shared specs, we got to know from TENAA certification Leak.

  • Processor: Snapdragon 888
  • Dual Screen: Front 6.78-inch AMOLED screen with a 144Hz refresh rate
                         No Details we have for the second screen for now.
  • Camera: Triple Camera Setup in back
                  64 MP Main Sensor
  • Battery: 6000mAh Battery setup (2 3000mAh batteries)
                 With 65W wired charging support

ASUS ROG 5 Release Date:

ROG 5 Phone (whatever it may be called) company will launch between March and April 2021.
As they filed the certification in Dec 2020. So they might complete the other process in the above time.

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