Bajaj Chetak is back : New Electric Scooter Launched by company for India market

India EV Tech Update : Bajaj Chetak is back.

Yes, Bajaj launched Chetak their first-ever Electric Scooter for the India Market. After facing few years of downfall in the two-wheeler market, Bajaj re-launched their iconic scooter Chetak with new Electric scooter avatar.

We have confirmed the news that Company has launched two new EV scooters under the company’s Urbanite EV sub-brand and named them Chetak. This is the first step of the company in the EV market.

Bajaj Chetak:

Chetak was the most popular scooter in India. There lot’s memories and emotions Indian people have with this name and their old petrol model. Previously Chetak was coming with 500CC Petrol engine and stylish design. Which was the most favourite family vehicle in the 90s.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter – First Look | All Details



New Electric Chetak Features:

The company started manufacturing of Chetak Electric from September 25, 2019, in their Chakan factory. This factory located near Pune, Maharastra. The new model comes with a Stylish look which carries retro-chic design, with modern touches.

Chetak Electric Model Design :

Bajaj-Urbanite-Chetak-Electric-Scooter-2-696x426 Bajaj-Urbanite-Chetak-Electric-Scooter-2-696x426 Bajaj-Urbanite-Chetak-Electric-Scooter-2-696x426 Bajaj-Urbanite-Chetak-Electric-Scooter-2-696x426

Chetak Electric Tech specs:

  • Geometric LED turn indicators
  • An electric powertrain with IP67 (Dust and water resistance)
  • Li-ion battery with NCA cells
  • Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS) For Better charging experience
  • Charger Compatibility: Standard 5-15Amp household chargers
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Vehicle Average: 95km per charge with Eco’ mode & 85km with ‘Sport’ mode

Bajaj Electric Chetak Price :

As per the GaadiWaadi research price would be around Rs. 1.25 lakh (Approx $1,800)

Sale will starts from January 2020

Source: GaadiWaadi

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