5 best browsers for Windows 7 (2021)

So, in this article, we are going to share 5 Best Browsers for Windows 7. We all know that Windows 7 is a very old OS but no one can bit Windows 7 Simplicity and easy to use interface.

Even Windows 10 comes with tons of features but still, some (lots of) users still prefer Windows 7 as their Operating System.

So if you are among them searching Best and Fast Browsers for your Windows 7 then your search over here because we are going to share some top browsers that can help you to complete your work fast and secure.

Top & Fast Browsers for Windows 7:

  1. Google Chrome

If you are using the internet then you are aware of the Google Chrome browser. This is the most popular browser worldwide because it comes with some great features and the most important thing is it comes from Google and we all know how popular is Google when it comes to the internet.

So if you are searching for a good browser then this is the perfect browser for you and if you are working at night then Dark Mode is the first choice for you and Chrome also supports this feature.

Download & Install Google Chrome

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox the very old and best browser to access internet and the one good thing is Firefox comes before Google Chrome and it supports all Windows OS.

If you want your data will be safe on the internet and no one can access your data then this browsers is for you because Firefox is very popular for its security feature and you will get some cool features in Firefox and from them, one of my favorite features is Taking Screenshot also you will get Dark Mode support.

Download & Install Mozilla Firefox

3. Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge legend browsers for Windows if you are a Windows user for a long then you know the Microsoft default browser. Earlier it called Internet Explorer but now the new name Microsoft Edge. Now, these are very simple browsers with less useful features.

If you don’t want to install third-party browsers then this is for you but as per my knowledge peoples are not using Microsoft Edge because of its speed and it’s not user-friendly and you can only do some basic internet surfing that’s it. So it’s up to you.

Download & Install Microsoft Edge

4. Opera

Opera is a chromium-based browser and it comes with lots of useful features like if you install Opera browser in your system then you will get Free VPN inbuilt also you will get inbuilt Free Ad-Blocker and a lot more.

Nowadays you already know that how useful these both features Ad-Blocker you can add free from anywhere but Free VPN is a very good feature from Opera for this you don’t need to pay anything it’s totally free. Plus the most useful feature Dark Mode also supported by Opera.

Download & Install Opera Browser

5. Tor Browser

If you are a pro internet user then you already listened to Tor Browser’s name and I assume that you already used it. The best feature of the Tor browser is it doesn’t save your search data in history plus it blocks third-party plugins to protect your data.

One better thing about this browser is that it also works like VPN so you don’t need to use paid VPNs for your work.

Download & Install Tor Browser

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So, I hope from this article you got the 5 best browsers for Windows 7 and you find the best browsers that meet your requirement. Lastly, tell us which browser are you going to use in the comment section below.


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