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If you are a video content creator then you need some editing apps to edit your videos and make it more interesting and attractive with some effects and background music but you are not able to find the perfect app to do all these stuff then we are here with some Best video editing apps that help you to make your video more classy.

In this article, we are sharing 6 free video editing apps which provide you with all the features that you need as a beginner.

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Pro Tip: You can always purchase your favourite video editing app from this list if you find its free version is very helpful.

  • KineMaster:
KineMaster App

KineMaster is very popular video editing app among budding video content creators because it’s a free version is enough to edit your raw video with cool effects and also you can set background music with its multi-layer functionality. If you are shooting your videos with the green screen then Kinemaster app helps you to remove your green screen and set your favourite background.

  • FilmoraGo:
FilmoraGo App

FilmoraGo is a very simple video editor app I come across. Even I’m using their desktop version and it works very smooth in my laptop without an external graphics card. Now let’s come to mobile experience if you are just starting video editing then I advise you to first start with Wondershare FilmoraGo app. This app is very easy to edit videos you can do things like trim video, reverse video, add background music and some cool frame transitions for free and if you want advance features then you also go with their premium version. The other good thing about FilmoraGo is you can export video for Instagram (1:1) and also specifically for YouTube (16:9).

  • Vita:
Vita App

Vita is a very simple video editing app and the good thing about this is it’s totally free and all the features are free to use. Vita comes with lots of features like you can add text on your videos, you can add background music according to the video mood plus it also gives you feature that you can set video playback speed. Vita app comes with lots of colour grading filters so you don’t need to create new colour grading filter all are ready to use.

  • VivaVideo:
VivaVideo App

VivaVideo editor app is very popular video editing app and it’s very lightweight. Basically this app is useful for short video editing for Instagram, Snap Chat, for WhatsApp status and so on. It comes with lots of features like add text to your videos, colour grading filters and fast and slow-motion support. If you are in YouTube then it might not useful for you but for a short video, platform thumbs up to this app.

  • InShot:
InShot App

InShot is also very simple to use the app and we can say that it is similar to VivaVideo but with some extra features. With InShot you can trim your videos, merge two or more videos or add background music to your videos. It also comes with all features which VivaVideo editor have. So with this app, you can export videos for all platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram and so on.

  • Adobe Premiere Rush:
Adobe Premiere Rush App

If you are in video editing since long then you know that Adobe is killing at video editing with their desktop version Adobe Premiere Pro. Now they launched mobile version app named Adobe Premiere Rush. Now, this app comes with tons of features to polish your video to the next level. All features you need for video editing Adobe Premiere Rush have you name it. It has multi-layer video editing functionality, tons of transitions and colour grading templates etc. If you want to edit your video to another level then we recommend using Adobe Premiere Rush. We hope that this article helps you to find the best video editing app for your requirement. If yes then do comment below that which app you are going to use.

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