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Black Shark 3 Pro Mechanical Pop-up Triggers Preview


Yes, Black Shark 3 is a true gaming phone, it has a physical pop-up trigger button to use for a gunshot in PubG, GTA Vice City and Freefire like games.

This powerful gaming phone “Black Shark 3” coming on March 3 2020. Here what you can expect from this phone. We have the latest official teasers of the phone which showcase its new physical pop-up trigger button functioning. The Black Shark 3 Pro has a pair of built-in mechanical shoulder buttons. Check the video below to know how it works.

Video Source : GSMARENA

You will get the best gaming experience with this pop-up shoulder triggers.

The triggers automatically merge in the phone design shape when not in use ann can pop out for use.

As per companies official announcement, each button will come in at 21mm in length and will feature 1.5mm key travel. The company claims that the triggers can withstand more than 300,000 lifts and over a million clicks.

Black Shark 3 Other phone’s specs:

Company coming with two variant of 3 series, Black Shark 3 Duo and Black Shark 3 Pro. Duo model has sport 120Hz displays, Snapdragon 865 chipsets, up to 16GB RAM with 65W fast charging feature.

The Pro variant has 5,000 mAh battery while the vanilla model is expected to come with a 4,720mAh cell.

Both models have magnetic charging solution that attaches to the back. We are on the hunt for more details about both the phones, stay tuned for more updates.

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