Google Pixel 3 128GB on Sale at $440 : Buy with $80 off

Google Pixel 3 is on sale today, the phone is available to buy on the lowest price ever. Google’s hardware launch is just a week away and this the time to find or catch some best deals on Google products.

Here is one, Google Pixel 3 is really good to purchase even after a year of release. It’s a camera performs very well.

Deal’s benefit :

Currently, Google is selling Pixel 3 for a minimum of $499. But you can buy it for $440.

How to avail of this offer?

  • You need to have Rakuten account to get this deal.
  • Add phone in your account and use coupon code “BUY80” to checkout. (After applying the coupon code you’ll see that price come down to $440).
  • That’s it pay for your order and Enjoy the deal.

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