How to return a gift to Walmart

How to return a gift to Walmart | Free of Charge

Here is a quick guide to return your gift to Walmart. I’ll show you how to return an unwanted gift to Walmart without even leaving your house! How to return a gift to Walmart Go to in your web browser of choice or open the Walmart app. Type Returns in the Search bar and hit Enter. Under Ship it […]

Best Image to Text Extractor Google Chrome extension 2022: Chrome Image to Text Extractor extension Download

Do you need a Chrome extension that can let you copy text from any image?  If yes, your search ends here. It is one of the best Google Chrome extension we are using for the last three years. This extension allows users to highlight, copy, edit and translate text from with-in images. This Chrome extension […]


How to get iPhone like Mic, Camera & Map Privacy Indicator dot in Android?

Permitting camera and location access to apps on android phones is damn risky. You never know when those apps use a camera, mic, or your location. But iPhone has a smart notification feature that lets the user know that camera, mic, or location is in use with a simple dot. We know you want that […]


How to sync Google Calendar with iPhone in iOS 15

We know it’s a struggle to manage Google Calendar and the iOS calendar app for your daily call updates. As work from home is the current trend, many of you might want to sync your Google Calendar with your iPhone if yes, you are at the right place. Here is the guide sync Google Calendar […]


Apple Airpods Travel Hack 2021: Share Same Music On Two Airpods

Are you a music lover and don’t want to lose your music vibes while travelling with your buddy? Here is the quick trick to share your music with multiple Bluetooth devices (Airpods) in your iPhone. This hack will let you share your iOS device music with your Airpods buddy, but you need to check the […]

Top 5 Free Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Top 5 Free Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Traffic is an obstacle when we talk about roads while we are running late. But for websites ; Getting traffic is a boon and it always means that their hard work is paying off. One way or the other traffic is likely to prevail on roads whether you like it or not. But Traffic on […]