Top data structures and algorithms every developer must know

Top data structures and algorithms every developer must know

Many minds shudder at the thought of sitting in a technical interview. A job interview at a professional firm can be nerve-racking, grueling, and most importantly – demanding.  Quite often, candidates struggle to understand what topics they should and shouldn’t prepare for the interview.  In this article, we will be discussing the top data structures […]

Want to Relax and Unwind Try Out the Following Android Games

Want to Relax and Unwind? Try Out the Following Android Games

For people, daily working at a job has been quite a fussy affair for a long time, and people get bored to their absolute ends logging in their long hours. In this modern world of turmoil and confusion, simple mobile games are a convenient way of refreshing the mind and focusing again on the critical […]

iphonewith tags NFC infigure to How

How to assign custom tasks to any NFC tag in iOS devices?

In this post know how can simplify your day to day life in just 20rs NFC tag. Yes here we are with the full step by step on how to configure any NFC tag for custom task using any iOS device (iPhone, iPad). NFC can be used to do amazing things. Inside your house or […]

Download Google Photos

Download Google Photos v5.80.0 APK with new Storage Management Tool

Google has introduced a new storage management tool in the Google Photos app to help every Android with easy photo management. This new tool will surface photos or videos you might want to delete — like blurry photos, screenshots and large videos. Here below is the direct link to get this feature and to download […]


How to get iPhone like Mic, Camera & Map Privacy Indicator dot in Android?

Permitting camera and location access to apps on android phones is damn risky. You never know when those apps use a camera, mic, or your location. But iPhone has a smart notification feature that lets the user know that camera, mic, or location is in use with a simple dot. We know you want that […]


Enable/Disable Navigation Gestures on Samsung Galaxy Phone

Gesture navigation is the most fascinating apple’s iPhone has. But I was amazed when Android phone manufacturers MI, Samsung, and OnePlus also added gesture features in their custom Android UI. Yes, Samsung, Mi, and OnePlus phones’ have an inbuilt gesture feature like iPhone. All phones running w/ Android 9 or above OS version can use […]