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Check Coronavirus(Covid-19) live status Online or in App : 724,798 Cases Deaths: 34,021 Recovered: 152,092

Coronavirus live status app online.

Hope you and your family are safe and secure from the Coronavirus. In this article, we are attaching some critical link for you which helps you to get some tips on how you can protect yourself and your family from Coronavirus.

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Below two links are useful to check the current status of Corona (covid-19) virus status across the

Below are the links to protect yourself and your family from Corona(covid-19) virus:

Below is the current status of Coronavirus infection in India:

Coronvirus live status India 30-03-2020

You can also download the Coronavirus Status app to keep your self updated with the live status. But this is app is available for Android users only.

Below is the link to download Coronavirus live status APK File.

Coronavirus Live Status Apk

Pls, follow your Government instructions as well and stay at home(if possible).

That’s it for now. Be Safe.

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