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Google Cam (Gcam) v7.3 apk download- How to Download and Install?

Google Camera GCam v7.3 APK to Download

Google Camera – Gcam 7.3 apk download – If you are a camera person like me than good news for you. Because Google just rolled out Google Camera update with versions name of 7.3 (Google Camera 7.3).

Google rolled out Google Camera’s latest update with some new features, some modifications and also fixed some most significant bugs from the previous version.

Download Gcam 7.3 apk or app update

Here are new updates that you will get in the Google Camera App.

» DND Access:

In the latest version of the Google Camera app you will get DND – Do not disturb feature. This feature will help you while you are capturing a video. How? Well, The Google camera app can automatically enable DND so that your recording is not interrupted by notifications. This feature will work after you permit DND. You can also give by going to setting -> Go to Google camera App, and from Special app access, you can enable it.

» 24FPS video recording:

This is another new feature, and we can say that this is a Great feature by Google in the Google camera app. ‘We are not sure about this feature that it’s coming or not’. But if it comes then it’s a great deal. Isn’t it? Let us know in the comment.

Now you all have one question that How we can download the Google Camera App?

  • If you are using Google Pixel phone, then you simply go to the PlayStore and update your app.
  • But you are not a Google Pixel user like me than you can also download it from APK Mirror.

P.S. If your phone does not support the latest google camera app then you can also download the previous version by clicking here.

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