EV Chargin Software/App EV Connect Raises $12 Million Funding

EV Charging Software/App EV Connect Raises $12 Million Funding

Los Angeles’s EV Charging App “EV Connect” got the boost with $12 million funding. Company provide software to manage electric vehicle charging stations. Investors Mitsui & Co. and Ecosystem Integrity Fund added their feet in this futuristic app solution.

EV Connect is a cloud-based platform basically, and it’s designed to be hardware agnostic. With its advanced hardware compatibility, it helps hardware vendors to monitor, manage and maintain charging stations.

Company CEO and founder Jordan Ramer said “The end goal is to push the industry away from a closed and fragmented system to a more open one”

Currently, they manage 1,000 EV charging stations with their EV Connect network. Their mobile app can let you find the real-time status of the nearby charging status. This is the most recommended app for electric vehicle owners.

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Mitsui invested in developing new business models around the EV charging infrastructure.

They planned to start working on the various segment in the applications of EV charging to lower the cost and maximize its utilization.

Their motto is to build fleet and energy management solutions for their users.

COO of Mitsui’s infrastructure projects business unit, Mr Kazumasa Nakai, said : 

“We strongly believe that EV Connect’s infrastructure management technology accelerates the electric vehicle revolution in the energy and power industry where Mitsui has many assets and access to partners,” “Our unique engineering capabilities, in conjunction with EV Connect’s cloud-based EV infrastructure, will enable us to develop new business models to solve the challenges EV infrastructure currently pose for energy management companies.”

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