India EV Tech Update : IIT Delhi Starting Driverless E Vehicles in the Campus

IIT Delhi already has E vehicles for transportation purpose in the campus, and soon they are planning to start driverless EVs. This driverless transportation will be between two points initially, so the start and endpoint are fixed for the driverless EVs.

Director V Ramgopal Rao Siad “This is a project that would showcase the autonomous EV technology and simultaneously save the cost of the driver,”

As Mr Rao’s speech, Tentatively in next six month, they will start the driverless EV program. As they are already running the EVs in the campus now, so they tried and showcased a driverless demo of driverless vehicles previously which was running using the network from Ericsson and 5G testbed from Reliance Jio.

Mr Rao added, “Last year, the three–Reliance Jio, Ericsson and IIT Delhi had partnered to demonstrate a driverless car using 5G technology,” he said.

They plan to install the technology on multiple places for multiple applications after running the driverless EVs in the campus.

As per the sources, India has 150 million drivers, and only 8,000 owns electric cars. This 8,000 EVs were sold locally during the past six years; China sells more than that in just two days.

Sources: Indiatimes

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