How to Disable WhatsApp Status Ads: Know everything How you can advertise in WhatsApp Ads.

WhatsApp confirmed that they are coming with ads for the status section in 2020. Read everything about WhatsApp Status Ads here in detail.

WhatsApp is still dominating the messaging world. The app has a total of 1.6 billion live users across the globe. But now in the 2020 company is all set to start ads in the messaging app’s feature Status.

The company is currently testing or maybe ready to put ads on Whatsapp. Below is the first look of WhatsApp Ads.

Above is the official tweet by WhatsApp’s Vice president “Chris Daniels.”

This might be the reason why WhatsApp’s founders left Facebook. They sold WhatsApp to Facebook with an agreement that Facebook will never show ads to Whatsapp users, and now Facebook can’t help but show ads to generate revenue, and they are going to do it.


Whatsapp messaging app was founded in 2009 and sold to Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion with no ads agreement.

We found the company will also allow users to disable the ads in their WhatsApp app, and sources even saying that advertisements will be visible for only WhatsApp business users. So normal app users don’t need to worry.

How to Disable WhatsApp Ads in Story?

It’s not confirmed yet, but sources are saying that the Settings menu will have an option to disable the ads for status in the privacy section.

How to use WhatsApp Advertise? Or How to advertise on WhatsApp Status? or Advertisements to Appear in the Whatsapp Status Stories

Facebook is bringing the in-app ads to the status section of the tools, just like Instagram stories.

Users will be able to swipe up to visit the advertisement or any embedded link, just like Instagram stories.

Apart from these, Facebook also plans to introduce richer messaging format options for the Whatsapp product catalog so that the users can see the products before buying.

How to show your ad in WhatsApp Status?

You can run the ads for WhatsApp Status form Facebook Ad manager like you do for Instagram.

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