What is YouTube Viewer Applause/AppLaud Feature, How it works? How to Earn in YouTube with this feature?

YouTube introduced a new Applause/ AppLaud feature for viewers, in this blog we will tell you, What is YouTube Applause/AppLaud features or how it works? or How to make money on YouTube with this new feature?

What is YouTube AppLaud Feature?


YouTube added this new button AppLaud or App Lause button which is nothing but a  donate button. Yes, this is a YouTube donate button. Viewers can donate money using this new button to the Channel holder or a Creator.

How YouTube AppLaud Feature work?

Currently, this feature is visible for selected Channels only but very soon it will be live for everyone. Whenever you see the AppLaud button and you click on it, YouTube will ask you to add money as donation.

Currently, the maximum donation amount is 40 INR.

With every Addlaud YouTube Channel owner will get 40 INR in his account which the creator will get with the monetize earning.

How you earn money with this feature?

It’s a simple more creative and helpful video you make, more Applaud you will get so you don’t need to wait to get a click on your ads or for the monetization approval. The applaud option will help to earn a few bucks if you are really creative best and useful content on YouTube.

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