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Foodvisor Got $4.5 Million Fund : It Tracks what you eat using AI Technology

France based health app, and AI-based startup raised another round of funding. Recently they reached 2 million app downloads.

Their app use AI-based deep learning technology, which helps it to read the image and to detect what you’re going to eat. It also calculates the estimate weight gain and weight loss as per your diet.

The app still needs many corrections and improvements as some food items it even not detecting. But they have a manual option to add the correct information in the app.

With their latest funding round, they are planning to add more players in their team to improve and to add more features in the app. Recently the company launched its app in the US market. Other countries will get it soon.

Below is their current team:

How Foodvisor raises $4.5 million fund - How Foodvisor Works?

Source: TechCrunch

Their latest app version has below new features:

Android Version – Foodvisor v3.3.1

– New homepage. With super exciting new features
– An organization of meals by type: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack!
– A calendar view!
– A water challenge to be hydrated during the day!

Download the app for Android From Here: Download Now

iOS Version – Foodvisor v3.8.9

– NEW: Connect with FITBIT and track your daily activity easily!
– Discover our brand new Daily Assessment: get personalized advice and reach your goals.
– And as usual, lots of small improvements to make your favorite pocket nutritionist easier to use.

Download the app for iOS From Here: Download Now

Foodvisor paid Subscription plans:

App offers a $5 to $10 per month subscription plan. Which will open options for more analysis and diet plans and allow us to chat with a registered dietitian/nutritionist directly in the app?

Discover all app features in detail at here:

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