Ford’s Mustang Mach E, Electric SUV Leaked Configurations, Price and Photos

Ford’s new electric SUV model Mustang Mach E’s photos and configurations have been leaked. Check Ford’s Electric car’s interior and exterior design.

The official launch date of this E car is November 17. But here we have leaked details of their upcoming electric mustang. All these information we found on Ford’s own official website. Source

Let’s dive into the post:

Ford Mustang Mach E Price?

» Price starts from $43,895 without any tax applied. This Trim Mach-E model will provide 230 EPA-rated miles of range, either AWD or RWD (which presumably alters the price) and a 0-60MPH time in the mid-5-second range.

» Their ‘Premium’ trim starts at $50,600, and offering AWD or RWD option, with 300 miles of estimated EPA-rated range, and that same mid-5-second 0-60MPH time.

» First Edition starts from $59,900 with the range of around 270 miles, a mid-5-second 0-60MPH time. This model comes with exclusive exterior colour options, special scuff plates, brushed aluminium pedals and red brake callipers. A will give you the full sporty look

» Their GT model starting at $60,500,  0-60MPH time in the mid-3-second range, with Estimated EPA range on that one is around 230 miles.

If we talk about its look, Mustang Mach E has an elegant design with high tech technology. Checkout few interior and exterior photos of it below.

Image Source : Jalopnik

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