Download Gcam v8.1 APK for all Android smartphones (Google Camera)

Google launched the Google camera app in Jan 2021 with some amazing features. The new camera app has some extraordinary features which can be performed with limited hardware resources.

This Google Camera 8.1 and GCam 8.1 APK developers extracted from Pixel 5 device and it’s now available here to download for all Android smartphones.

What’s New in GCam 8.1 APK or Google Camera 8.1?

  • New Night Sight portrait mode
  • Cinematic pan
  • Storage Saver mode for all the non-Pixel devices
  • Added Color Transform to fix saturation on devices with dull colors
  • Brings all the fixes necessary for the first start
  • Added an option to disable tracking focus
  • Brings OPModes to fix EIS
  • Added buttons in the drop-down menu to enable/disable AWB
  • Disabled Sabre on unsupported sensors
  • Added an option to disable motion photos
  • Added an option to choose between Pixel 2, Pixel 3, IMX586, and IMX686 AWB
  • Improved colors on Mi Note 10
  • Added an option to disable Synthetic Fill Flash
  • Added an option to disable auto night sight on portrait and photo

Though the latest update is only available for Pixel devices, here we are with the Gcam 8.1 Mod APK which you can download and install on any Android device.

Download Game 8.1 for all Android devices

PXv8.1_GCam-v1.0 01You can download the latest Gcam Mod from the link below.

We tested this APK and it’s working flawlessly on almost every range of Android smartphones. Excluding some Samsung, OnePlus, and Snapdragon-845 based devices.

Google designed this update to work on devices running Android 10 and Android 11 but we checked that it works with lower Android versions also.

Download Urnyx05 Google Camera 8.1 Mod

We hope you’ve successfully installed the GCam 8.1 based on Google Camera 8.1.

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