Google 2019 Event “Made By Google” Announcements : Know What’s new for you


Check out the back to back hardware announcements by Google from “Made By Google” hardware event 2019. Event held today in the New York City today, where the search giant launched some new hardware gears which will blow your mind.

We know that you don’t have much time to watch the whole stream of the event. That’s why we are sharing all the announcements here.

Stay tuned! We will keep updating this post with the latest announcements.

“Made By Google” Hardware event Keynotes of the blogs

  • Stadia launch
  • Pixel Buds
  • Pixelbook Go
  • New Nest Aware
  • Nest Wifi
  • New Nest Mini
  • Pixel 4

We know you are very eager to know more about the above-listed devices. Let’s dive into it and read what is the configuration of these devices.

» Stadia – Stadia is Google’s new cloud video game streaming service. This service they will launch on 19th Nov. Read more on Stadia here

Google’s cloud gaming service Stadia will launch on November 19th

» Pixel Buds – This year “Made by Google” hardware event comes with amazing new pixel buds, which has new compact design and powerful performance.

These new Pixel buds’ price is $179 and it comes with five hours long battery power and Apple AirPods like styling charging case.

Other specs –

  • In-built Microphone
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Google Assistance Support
  • Easy to pair Bluetooth 5.0

» Pixelbook Go – Pixelbook Go is the advanced version of Google Chrome book. It’s been a time that Google announced higher-end Chrome OS notebooks(laptops).

Google Pixelbook Go comes with

  • 13.3″ display
  • 16GB RAM
  • 256 GB Storage
  • 12 Hours Battery life
  • It’s a basic model’s price is $649.

New Nest Aware – Google’s cloud recording for Nest cameras it’s now free with no device limitation. That means you don’t need to pay the money to use cloud recording for every single device. New subscription model’s cost details are as below.

  • $6 per month for 30 days event history
  • $12 per month for 60 days event history or 10 days 24*7 history.

They also added a new security-centric listing mode for Nest Minis and Nest Hubs. That will send you the notifications for smoke alarms and dogs barking using your smart speakers.

New pricing structure you will see from “early 2020.”

Nest Wifi – It’s a new hybrid smart speaker with in-built wifi router. Google will start selling it from Nov 4th.

Next Wifi Price:

Price of new Next Wifi is $269 for two packs and $349 for three-pack.

» New Nest Mini – Google renamed Google Home mini to Nest Mini. With new machine learning chipboard, this new Nest Mini comes with faster responses, multiple microphones and double bass.

New Nest Mini

» Sell of New Nest mini will start from Oct 22nd.

» Price of New Nest Mini is $49.

Google Pixel 4 – First and most advanced feature we heard about Google Pixel 4 is, it’s Radar sensor. This is the first-ever smartphone from Google which has in-built radar chip. This new chip will let you control music with the simple wave in front of the radar chip (On the Front side of the phone).

This gesture action will also let you silence a call with a flick on your hand.

Plus, Google Pixel 4 comes with 5.7″ full HD display, 2800mAh battery, Snapdragon 855 chipset and 6GB RAM.

Google also announced Google Pixel 4 XL which has larger 6.3″ display and 3700mAh and other common configurations like Google Pixel 4.

The second eye-catching element we found in Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 Xl is, it’s a dual-camera. Google Pixel 4 cameras have used machine learning and AI-centric software for better photo quality.

It can capture live HDR preview with dual exposure controls, it’s improved Night Sight mode and AI-driven learning white balance technology can take the photos of star’s small lights in the night.

They added 2 12.2 and 16 megapixels camera on the back and 8 megapixels camera in front. Here you can learn about Pixel 4’s new software-focused camera technology.

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Release date

You can buy Google Pixel from 24th Oct 2019 and it’s price starts from $799.

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