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Google added Dark theme toggle to Play Store : Learn more

Google adds dark theme toggle to the Play Store

We all love Google Android 10’s universal dark theme toggle, and like a cherry on the cake when we get the option to force a specific theme on a per-app basis. For Android lovers like me who want dark mode for Play Store all the time, Google is experimenting with a new feature read in brief below.

Today morning, I got a new theme setting option in the Play Store. This new feature option allows me to switch on and off Dark mode for Play Store app only. It also has an auto mode which will work similarly to Android 10 auto dark mode. But, later I found this feature now limited for several devices, and it’s currently on a server-side in test mode, there’s no specific APK version we found yet which can enable it for everyone. But, my phone is running with Google Play Store v19.0.12. You can download it and check in your phone as well from below link. But still, the feature is on a server-side so I am sure that it works or not.

Download Google Play Store v19.0.12 APK

Google Play store dark mode screenshot

Above is the screenshot of the new dark theme toggle feature which I found in Play Store. Android police confirmed that they also reported the same feature in phones running with Android 10 phones. So it’s not clear yet that this will allow devices running Android 9 Pie or older or not.

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