Google Fi SIMs available to buy at Target Stores : Know More

Google tweeted that Google Fi SIMs is now available to buy at Target Stores. So, no need to wait for it more. In this post, read how you can buy it from Target stores near you.

Best Buy and Target stores now selling Google Fi SIMs. So now you can walk into the store and buy the Google FI sim for a couple of bucks.

But, there is no confirmation yet that it will be available on every Best buy store. Call a local store near you to confirm.

How much you need to pay at Best Buy store for One Google FI SIM:

Google selling FI SIMs for free, but at Best Buy and Target stores, you need to pay $9.99. Once you purchase, the SIM, Google will give you a $10 service credit as compensation.

Which Phones supports Google FI Sims?

Google recently enhanced Google FI Sims compatibility; You can check the full list here.

We found almost all unlocked phone is supported with Google FI so don’t need to worry about the SIM activation.

Below is the tweet shared by Google for the same.

Stay tuned for more details on the same, Share it ahead if you liked it.

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