Google Pixel 5 release date, specs, price, and rumors

Google Pixel 5 coming with Snapdragon 765G, 90Hz display, ultra-wide camera, know everything in detail here.

The upcoming new Google Pixel is facing some significant challenges, As there are lots of challenges for the Pixel 5 mobile in the market even before arriving. Some other Android smartphone brands have taken some core mobile specs areas. So there might be difficult for Google pixels to stands in the market.


• Release date: Fall 2020
• Price: $699
• Processor: Snapdragon 865, 765G or 768G
• Cameras: Three rear lenses — primary camera plus telephoto and ultra-wide-angle lens
• Other key specs: 5G connectivity, 90Hz screens

The above cheat sheet is to understand the Pixel 5 release date and some core features. Let’s dive into the post to know Google Pixel 5 latest news, full specs, price, and rumors.

Google Pixel 5 latest news (Updated August 24)

Here is the latest news about Google Pixel 5 that Google’s latest smartphone will have Snapdragon 765G, 90Hz display, ultra-wide camera.

We found this news on Here is the video shared by them on their official YouTube channel.

We also found some leaked photos of the front and backside of the Google Pixel 5.

As per the news, Google Pixel 5 will have a Punch hole camera at the top left corner and a dual camera (Standard and Ultra-wide options) square panel at the back with double flashlight and mic.

Rumors are saying that Google Pixel 5 will have 3,080 mAh, which is entirely false.

We have confirmed the news that Pixel 5 will support 15W Qi wireless charging and 5W reverse wireless charging.

Google Pixel 5 release date:

As we all know, Google released the Google Pixel devices at the end of the year. Google Pixel 4 was also released on October 15, a week later than the launch of the Pixel 3 in 2018. So this year also we can expect that Google Pixel 5 will release in October.

Before you save the month in the calendar, keep in mind that COVID 19 outbreak impacted every product launch date in 2020.

As all the smartphone manufacturers are established in China, so due to corona, the shipping will also impact on the product launch and product release.

“A leak from a French-language Google blog post claims the Pixel 5 will be available for pre-order on October 8. That date could also be the release date for the phone, as often pre-orders go live after a phone has been announced.”

Google Pixel 5 Price:

As Google has confirmed a fall release for the Pixel 5 and added that it would also introduce the Pixel 4a 5G at that time. That’s a $499 version of Google’s newly released Pixel 4a with 5G connectivity.

While as per the news, Google Pixel 5’s price climb toward that $999 near to starting point of the Galaxy S20 & iPhone 11 Pro.

Again, one Reddit user posted a  survey that Google’s reportedly sending around to gauge reaction to smartphone prices, and the study includes a phone fitting the Pixel 5’s description with a starting price of $699. If true, that’s $300 less than what a Galaxy S20 will run you.

Google Pixel 5 design

As per the confirmed source, Google pixel will have a punch-hole camera in front and dual camera setup with a square glass panel in the back with dual flash and mic.

We already shared another leaked images and a rumored video above of the Google Pixel 5 design.

Google Pixel 5 display

Google Pixel 5 could have a 120Hz refresh rate, with 6.67 inches screen size. The full-screen display will also have the punch-hole camera at the top left side.

Google Pixel 5 cameras

As per the leaked images, Google Pixel 5 will have a dual-camera setup at the back and punch hole camera in front. We don’t have many details about it, but it could have Samsung S20 similar camera sensors.

Google Pixel 5 specs/features:

We are sharing some leaked and rumored specs of the Google Pixel 5.

  • Google Pixel 5 will have Qualcomm chip with Snapdragon 865 plus.
  • 6GB and 8GB RAM size it might have
  • The internal storage size will be 64GB, but Google needs to move to 128GB.

Google Pixel 5 battery

No update we have.

Google Pixel 5 key special features

No update we have.

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