Google Play Store APK to Download: Download PlayStore v18.8.14 APK

Google Play Store updated v18.8.14. Download Play Store v18.8.14 APK update in this blog.

Recently we have seen Google made lots of design changes in Play Store App. The Application marketplace is now handly and more security updates.

» Companies’ focus of this update is enhancing the security for Android users. Removing unwanted spammy apps and games is the primary focus.

Apart from the security, this update got minor design changes in the app; we found design changes as well.

Below is the comparison of two Google Play Store updates.

Play Store v18.8.14 and Play Store v18.6.33

Google play store update comparission

Left two screen is 18.6.33 and third is the v18.6.33

» As you can see in the above two images, We found button position change in this update. (Installed in OnePlus 3) App listing page design structure also got revamped in this update; Previously it was What’s a new section after App logo, name and install button. But in the v18.8.14 we found about section just after the intro section.

» We also saw bug fixes in this update.

That’s it, hope this information helps you to understand the latest Google Play Store v18.8.14 update if you haven’t received this update yet then go through the link below to download it directly.

Play Store v18.8.14 APK

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