How To Hack Dinosaur Game On Google Chrome? Quick Browser Hack.

If you land on this blog that means, you are also the biggest fan of the Chrome Dinosaur Game.

This is the most favorite game for all internet users. Whenever we are facing internet issues or disconnectivity this is the only game we all play in the free time. It’s fun to play, right. But the game gets tougher as you progress.

But what if you could hack the dinosaur game on your chrome browser.

No No, you don’t need to be a high-end hacker to do that just a simple 3 step process is enough to do that.

Here below we explained how you can cheat in the Dinosaur game!

Hack Dinosaur Game On Chrome

Below is the step-by-step tutorial to cheat the Chrome Dinosaur game.

Make unbelievable scores by making the dinosaur invincible and letting it run without getting pecked by the birds or cactuses.

  • Step 1. Enter chrome://dino in the Chrome address bar.
  • Step 2. Open the “Inspect” menu, right-click anywhere on the screen to get the inspect option.
  • Step 3. Now in the inspect section go to the “Console” tab
  • Step 4. Now, simply copy-paste the below command and press the “Enter” key:

“var original = over”

  • Step 5. Nothing will happen, now enter another piece of code:

“Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}” and press enter.

You’re done! Your dinosaur game is hacked.

Click with your mouse or press Space on the keyboard to start the game.

Outcome: Your dinosaur should now be able to run through the birds and cactus without dying.

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