How to assign custom tasks to any NFC tag in iOS devices?


In this post know how can simplify your day to day life in just 20rs NFC tag. Yes here we are with the full step by step on how to configure any NFC tag for custom task using any iOS device (iPhone, iPad).

NFC can be used to do amazing things. Inside your house or even outside while interacting to people with the help of a Simple NFC Tag.

How to configure or assign task to NFC tag with iPhone or iPad?

If you have an iPhone, you can use Shortcuts App to assign tasks to NFC Tags:

– Open Shortcuts App inder the table, here too, near the gate

– In Automation Tab, Create a New Automation

– Choose NFC and scan the NFC Tag

• Now you can add actions. 

That’s it now assign your day to day routine tasks to the NFC tag and make your life simple and easy.

Where to buy NFC tags?

Below the direct link to buy NFC tag from Amazon with same day delivery option (One day delivery is only for Prime users).

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