How to Buy OnePlus Buds at $1 – Flash Sale


OnePlus Buds sold out yesterday within seconds. Flash sale was over in a few seconds.
Here you can know how to buy OnPlus Buds at $1. Or How to avail OnePlus Buds $1 Flash sale.

The company is offering another round of $1 Buds flash sale today at 1 p.m. Eastern.


  • Keep the page open
  • Reload Page every 2 sec to avoid page load delay
  • Make Multiple Click on Buy Now button when a sale starts.

You’ll also have a shot at snagging a pair of Bullets Wireless Z for a buck at noon Eastern and 2 p.m. Camp out at the link below and get your F5 finger ready for your chance to get these prices.

Click Below when the countdown ends.


NOTE: If the link is not working, that means your internet is slow. Click Link again.

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