Top 5 Free Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website
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Top 5 Free Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Traffic is an obstacle when we talk about roads while we are running late.

But for websites ; Getting traffic is a boon and it always means that their hard work is paying off.

One way or the other traffic is likely to prevail on roads whether you like it or not.

But Traffic on websites plays the role of a thief where a webmaster is a cop and then what next : The same line goes on – Catch Me If You Can!!Super Bowl Hello GIF by SportsManias
Website traffic is the most important aspect which reveals the business growth.

Through traffic, the webmaster decides the strategies which are needed and where they lacked earlier, and even can gradually improve their SEO and the search engine credibility.

Even the website traffic and bounce-back ratio helps in deciding what the audience really wants and what further steps are to be taken.

Digital Marketing is the perfect game of chess where you just make your moves according to the moves made by the audience.

Predict their next move < Defeat them < Win

Free Traffic V/S  Quality Traffic

Indeed, Traffic on your website is must to successfully run the future operations.

Traffic on the website can boost up the sales and can enhance the quality of your website.

Well.. yes with the traffic, the audience engagement must increase or else the traffic is of no use.

Conversion rates must decrease with an increase in traffic.. Eww something is wrong then.

Alright, Here’s the solution!
There are a plethora of ways to improve the website for conversion- Include calls < Plan your actions < provide the information that your targeted audience wants < make navigation much easier and convenient.

Attract the accurate visitor or the goal should be aimed at targeting the qualified visitors.
Voppieee.. This step will further convert the leads into satisfied customers

(ok, Satisfaction is something that is your task)

Channels That Grabs The Quality Of The Traffic You Want:There is nothing called as “Free Lunch

But yes there are multiple ways to achieve the desired quality of traffic to your website.

To get traffic, Efforts, Time, Patience and Money are the most important assets that one must possess.

Some of the best ways to get the optimum traffic are as follows:

  • Online directory listings
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Online ads
  • Blogging

You got the ways to navigate your traffic : Yes this blog might appear the perfect Google Map which will definitely help you to reach the destination in real-time.

Let’s discuss the core subject of the blog.

Free.. Free.. Free ways to get traffic to your website

1. Create a free Google for Business Listing

Did you ever wondered – An optimized Google My Business Listing gets *7 more visits than an incomplete one?

Just don’t forget that the links you’re building via different methods and even the listing links to your website.

Isn’t it a great way to get the traffic? – Sure is..

Oh my boy – Google is getting smarter and smarter day-by-day with its results.

If the listing provides the accurate information to the customer then they will directly land on your page.

They might even visit the website directly/ Business directly and you might receive a call.

Bravo.. you just turned the lead into a customer.

Lets Go Yes GIF by Cameo

2. Perform On-page SEO

Use the best SEO tactics which are available and you know to increase the rank of webpages.

That will increase your website rank in the search engines and you will get more visitors.

Precision is the need of an hour- Be precise while writing a meta description for the blog that you write.

Write the kinds of blogs which audiences are eagerly looking for.

What the blog is about and what meta description it has is the key player when it comes to getting traffic on the blog.

On-page SEO might appear a cake-pie to you but trust me it’s not so.

Though there are various tools which can be used to perform On-page SEO.

3. Get Listed In Online Directories

Yet, this is another preferred way to increase your traffic is to get listed in free – online directories and review the sites.

Hell – Yes! The profile will get listed on the website that you post your content on.

As the profile or Author bio links the webpage or your website.

Keep on updating the list and get positive reviews which is likely to grab more traffic and attention of the audience.

Don’t forget to check the domain authority on Google for the particular website that you are planning a guest post or any sort of content.

Search and find the directories which have high domain authority on Google.

You’re guessing it right ; that your business after getting into directories will increase its rank in Google search.

4. Start Email Marketing

Newsletters and flyers might appear annoying when we check our mailbox.

Though sending out regular newsletters and making the offers for their promotions via Email is the best way to get connected and stay in touch with the customers and then you can increase traffic to your website.

Rendering useful information and links to the pages on your website where they can easily learn more and more such as through the use of blog posts or providing offers which lands them on the particular pages.

Alright, Use the newsletters wisely … Don’t just start bombarding your readers with dozens of emails.

There are high chances that they wouldn’t read it and they will eventually delete it.

Subject line is the queen as it holds much importance whether the person will open the newsletter or not.

Unseen messages and mails always hurts.. Puke ; I recall the time when my ex ignored and seen-zone my messages and mails.

5. Guest Blog

Guest Blogging is the perfect tool to build backlinks and get appropriate traffic from the targeted audience to your website.

All you have to do is – Select a website which is popular and which has the desired domain authority and pitch the idea to them.

Pitch your idea to them or the attached article that you wrote as per the needs of the website can eventually fetch much traffic to your website.

Just make sure that the content is relevant to the website and it would add more value to the website.

The Last Lines

Traffic to the website can get much easier and convenient when it comes to attracting and targeting the specific audience.

The ways which are discussed can help you to get the desired level of success when it comes to channelizing the leads and converting them into customers.

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