Google Voice now works with Hey Siri Know How to enable Siri for Google Voice in iPhone or iPad?

Yes, Google Voice still exists, and Google added Siri support for iPhone and iPad users.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is the service which let you call and text internationally on cheaper rates than your carrier charges.

Here’s how to use Google Voice with Siri on your iPhone or iPad?

From today iPhone and an iPad, users can also use Google Voice with Siri. That means you can make a call or SMS using Siri with Google Voice. Here is the voice command you need to use “Hey Siri, Call Patrick on Google Voice.” This voice command you need to make a call or text with Google Voice.

How to enable Siri for Google Voice in the iPhone or iPad?


Install the Google Voice app and go to the app’s settings screen and turn on the Siri option. Make sure that Siri is on first. That’s it.

Now use the above-shared voice command to make a voice call or send SMS with Google Voice.

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