Have you affected by the Calendar Virus? Here How to Remove iPhone Calendar Virus, Stop the Spam


Understand what is calendar virus and step by step tutorial to remove it from your iPhone or how you can stop it.

How to identify that your iPhone affected by the Calendar Virus?

If you’ve experienced reminders and events randomly appearing in your iPhone’s Calendar app. Your phone is having a Virus.

Why does this happen?

iPhone users who subscribe to third-party calendar service unknowingly or knowingly resulted in the virus in their phone. Please check the below-attached screenshot this is how a virus subscription screen looks like.

What don’t worry it’s very easy to fix, just follow my post.

There are two effective and 100% working ways to fix the calendar virus issue.

  • 1> Delete spam events using the iPhone’s Calendar app

  • 2> Clear calendar virus from iPhone Settings

You can use any of the above tricks to remove the virus from your iPhone. Let me show you the step-by-step process of both the fix.

1 Delete spam events using the iPhone’s Calendar app

Step 1> Identify the spam events, You’ll see all events, including spam events. Note the color of the spam is purple in my case.
Step 2> Go to the main page, tap the Calendars button at the bottom.
A list with all the calendars synced to your iPhone will show up.
Step 3> Click on the button next to the spam event’s color.
Step 4> Now scroll down and tap Delete Calendar to delete all spam events from your iPhone.

Note: You can perform the step again if spam calendar events are displayed with more than one color.

2 Clear calendar virus from iPhone Settings

This trick can help you to unsubscribe from such spammy events thru iPhone’s settings.

Step 1> Go to iPhone “Settings”.
Step 2> Select “Calendar”
Step 3> Next, select Accounts and tap on the Subscribed Calendars.
Step 4> Open “Subscribed Calendars” from iPhone Settings
Step 5> Select all the calendars you did not subscribe to and press “Delete Account”.

How to avoid such a virus in the future?

1. Disable popups on Safari
2. Report the spam event as junk
3. Use privacy-focused DNS server on iPhone

You can comment below to know the full tutorial of the above three things.

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Help was taken from Sanuj Bhatia’s article.

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