WhatsApp pilots new feature to fight misinformation: Search the web
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What is WhatsApp New Search The Web Feature? How to Get?

WhatsApp released a new pilot feature, “Search The Web” to fight misinformation.

WhatsApp messaging platform owned by Facebook is one of the most popular chats mobile apps and platform today. The company announced a new feature called Search The Web for the selected userbase. This feature will help users to verify whether the assertions made in messages they have received on the app are correct.

Search The Web new feature is now available for Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, UK, and US WhatsApp users.

How Search The Web works?

When you want to verify the message, click on a magnifying glass-shaped icon next to frequently forwarded messages.

As per the company update, this new feature works by allowing users to upload the text message via their browser. This means that WhatsApp itself never sees the content of any message, said in a blog post. (The feature currently does not support looking up images and videos.)

The above-mentioned located users can use this feature across WhatsApp’s Android, iOS, and Web apps. It does still not confirm how soon this feature will be available across the globe.

For better accuracy, WhatsApp has partnered with several fact-checking organizations across the globe.

Though WhatsApp has visibly rushed to take timely actions in recent quarters, misinformation has not vanished. Ill-informed explanations about several of Indian government’s recent decisions and “cures” of Covid-19 were still doing rounds on the platform a few months ago in India, its biggest market, for instance.

How to get Search The Web Feature?

If you are located from the country mentioned above, just update the app to get “Search The Web” feature.

Image Source : Web.WhatsApp

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