How to Join OnePlus Red Cable Club in India – Official Club for OnePlus Users

OnePlus launched a club for OnePlus users/fans in India and its name is Red Cable Club. Here find how you can join the Red Cable Club and what are the parameters and rules to join Red Cable Club.

In India, OnePlus owns a powerful fan following there is doubt in that. This community engagement helps the company to circulate the product info or for any other announcement. With better customer support, loyal brand and expertise OnePlus is one of the successful mobile brands today and only for their fans and community; they launched a Red Cable Club. Red Cable itself an identity of OnePlus.

The company is now allowing its Indian users to be a part of this Club. If you own a OnePlus device and want to join this Club, Know here.

How to Join OnePlus Red Cable Club Online?

  • Go to the Settings
  • Update your phone to the latest software version
  • Go to the profile settings section
  • Log in with you OnePlus account
  • Link your phone’s IMEI number

Method 2 :

  • Download latest OnePlus community app from the Google Play Store. Link shared below.
  • OnePlus Community App
  • Now, log-in to your account
  • Link the phone’s IMEI

OnePlus Red Cable Club membership’s benefits

1 – You can get The Red Cable Jackpot. (Valid till 31st December)

Red Cable Jackpot? : This is a sweepstake, of sorts. You can try your luck once a day at winning curated gift boxes worth INR 1,00,000 or 50% off on OnePlus Bullets Wireless two earphones.

2 – Free cloud storage: 50GB free for one year.

3 – Free 1-year extended warranty to OnePlus 6T and seven series and 7T series phone users.

4 – Older models can benefit from 50% off and labor-free battery replacements.

Do you have any questions?

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  • Will there be any fees applicable for Red Cable Club membership?
  • What is the validity period of OnePlus Red Cable Club membership?
  • How do I become eligible to get membership benefits?
  • If the old owner of the device already claimed the benefits, can the new owner re-claim the benefits?
  • How do I log in to my OnePlus account?
  • Can one account be linked to multiple devices?
  • Can one device be linked to multiple accounts?
  • Do the more mobile phones linked to a OnePlus account mean more enormous corresponding benefits?
  • Does one OnePlus account correspond to the benefits or one mobile IMEI correspond to the interests?
  • How can I participate in the Red Cable Club Jackpot?
  • How can I use the Free Cloud service?
  • How can I use OnePlus Care benefits?

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