Now send Money via WhatsApp through UPI (Unified Payment Interface)

First Available to 10 Million users

After a long WhatsApp is finally coming with WhatsApp Pay where you can use this service to
send or receive money through WhatsApp Pay.

Now send Money via WhatsApp through UPI (Unified Payment Interface)

WhatsApp gets approval from NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) to use UPI services into the WhatsApp. According to the report, WhatsApp Pay initially not available for all of their user WhatsApp Pay available to 10 million users in India or it’s convenient for WhatsApp BETA users. In 2018 WhatsApp already did a test of WhatsApp Pay with 1 million users(if you are not aware of this).

Mark Zuckerberg said this during the company’s earnings call “We got approval to test this with one million people in India back in 2018. And when so many of the people kept using it week after week, we knew it was going to be big when we get to launch”.

WhatsApp has a significant market share in India, and it will also challenge other UPI-based payment service providers like Phone Pay, Google Pay and Paytm. After knowing this how much you are excited for WhatsApp Pay let us know in the comment and also told your current favourite app for online money transfer.

Source: business-standard

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