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How to send WhatsApp message without adding contact in android

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So today in this article I’m going to show you 3 ways to send messages on WhatsApp without saving a number on your device.

So the first way to send a message on WhatsApp is very easy you don’t need any technical knowledge for this. So to use this technique you need to download 1 app from the PlayStore. To download the app from PlayStore follow the below steps.

1. Open PlayStore and search “WhatsApp Direct Message”.
2. Now got the list of apps that you can use.
3. Download the very first app from the list or you can download as per your choice every app is the same nothing difference.
4. After download, the app open app where you can show 2 boxes first for country code and second is for Mobile Number so select country code if you are from India select +91 and if you are outside from India I hope you know your country code otherwise you can Google it.
5. Now enter the mobile number in which you want to send a message and press the “Chat on WhatsApp” button and the app redirect to the WhatsApp chat window and you are good to go!

P.S. If you know Gujarati language then we have a complete video tutorial on that so check out the below video.

Now let’s go on the second tip to send a message. In this way, you don’t need any special app to send the direct messages you just need to open Google Widget from your device’s home screen.

After opening Google Search type mobile number along with country code first. You can check out the below screenshot for your reference. Now after adding mobile number long press on that and you can show the options. From those options click on the last 3 verticle dots option and you able to the option WhatsApp message click on that and you are ready to chat with that number.

Note: In my opinion this the best and safe way to send WhatsApp message on an unsaved number because you don’t need to use any third-party app.

Ok, so now let me show you third and the last way to do this. In the third option, you need to open a web browser Chrome or Firefox as per your choice.

Now just type and hit the search button.

P.s. in the above link +91 is country code so change it with your country code.

Now let’s come to the point when you hit the search button you redirect to the WhatsApp webpage and you can find one button on that page called “Chat on WhatsApp” click on that and you will automatically redirect to that number chat window.

Also, check out this: What is WhatsApp new search the web feature.

In last, try all these three methods and let me know which your favourite method in the comment section below.


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