How to take advantage of TikTok EduTok Program to Get More Traffic and Live Stream Boost

How to take advantage of the TikTok EduTok Program to Get More Traffic and Live Stream Boost

TikTok enters the eLearning market with its EduTok program in India

Video-Sharing entertainment app introduced new EduTok program to enter into the eLearning market in India.

In this EduTok program, Bytedance-owned company will announce the fitness and many more category related educational show for the fitness enthusiasts and push an informative show and learning videos in partnership with top educational institutes.

The company announced that more than 10 million videos tagged this hashtag #EduTok and have over 48 billion views in total.

Which categories will TikTok cover in this EduTok program?

  • #EduTokTech
  • #EduTokTechMotivation
  • #EduTokTechLanguage
  • #EduTokTechLifeTips
  • #EduTokTechCareer

As we all know, TikTok counts life tips, career advice, and motivational speech videos as educational. That’s why they defined above hashtags as a category in their EduTek program.

You can quickly follow any of the above hashtags right now to check the latest informational videos.

Which Educational Companies are partners with TikTok #Edutok?

Companies such as Vedantu, Vidya Guru, Hello English, CETKing, Toppr, Made Easy, and GradeUp partnered with TikTok for this Edutok program. 

Reason for doing #EduTok?

Just like YouTube and Google, TikTok aims to help its users with this educational program. 

YouTube also runs a similar program called “learning program.”

TikTok aims to decrease child poverty with this education program. They also partnered with Josh Talks, and The/Nudge Foundation to take this step further.

Why is TikTok EduTok different than others?

If we compare this with YouTube, We found TikTok’s EduTok is more focused on bite-sized content in this space that people can consume on the go. Instead of full-blown tutorials, you get quick knowledge with these small videos.

What are the benefits of joining TikTok EduTok?

Why should you join?

With this initiative, TikTok is investing $10 billion in traffic boost, monetization support, campaign collaborations and more to support education and knowledge creators.

  • Check a few core benefits you will get by participating in the EduTok
  • Traffic and Live Stream Boost
  • Monetization Support
  • Content Support – TikTok will organize content workshops to help you to create optimized content for your viewers.
  • Pro-Account Features- Access to monetization
  • Campaign Collaboration – Official chance to work with TikTok on CSR campaigns
  • Verification Mark

How to Signup for the TikTok Edutok Program?

How to Signup for the TikTok Edutok Program

  • Click on the Discover tab
  • Check the Slider Banner
  • Click on the EduTok Banner
  • Scroll down on the EduTok page
  • Click on the Signup button
  • That’s it complete the process and start using it. 

Who can Join this Program?

A person with 5000 followers on Social Media Platform can join this program.

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