Google Assistant got new Well-organized notification controls (Granular)

We all love the voice buddy of our phone AKA “Google Assistant”. It gives answers to our questions and also follows our orders with just a voice. It also notify us for our upcoming flights, public transport updates, events etc… But there is not personalize notification option we have in the Assistant app.

You need to manage the notifications from App Info> Notifications Section> which is not a valid option to personalize the notifications particularly for Google Assistant, because we get limited options there.

But, I have good news for you. Google made an amazing step and moved notification controls inside the Assistant’s settings with more micro options and granular toggles.

This update comes with many new notification settings options for Google Assistant.

Android Police :
We’ve received reports of a new Notifications section in the Assistant settings that replaces the Email notifications which had only offered one single toggle for — you guessed it — emails. In the new menu, you’ll see a page that lets you access the email settings of old along with a selection of new Phone-specific entries. These settings can be expanded with a tap to show more categories like Help with tasks, Tips & tricks, Subscriptions, and more. Tap any of these entries to see details and choose which updates exactly you want to receive. E.g., for Help with tasks, you can pick whether you’d like to get package delivery statuses, events, due date reminders, reservations, and more.

Google Assistant’s new extended responses feature can get rid of details for maps and directions, movie showtimes, sports updates, and others. If you follow any topics on Google (simply by tapping the ‘plus’ symbol on search results in the Google app), you can also quickly jump to the corresponding section to easily manage them.

new google assistant options

Apart from that we also found some major improvements in the Assistant’s news section. Developers improved information density and now shows more sources. It’s new grid interface also allows you to browse different news sections, such as U.S., World, Local, Business, Tech, and others.

You can add your favourite sources with new Favorite (Start Option) option to find your preferred news provider.

You can get this update by downloading the latest Google App beta and Google Assistant’s update.

Go through the below link to quick download.

Google Assistant | Google App

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