Everything about Mi Electric Toothbrush T300 | Price, Specs, Features in India and How to buy

Xiaomi, Launched it’s new smart electric smart toothbrush T300 in India today. It’s Bluetooth supported smart toothbrush for your dental cleaning. It will give you the best tooth cleaning experience with its magnetic levitation sonic motor and antimicrobial bristles.

In this blog read Mi Electric Toothbrush T300 Specs, price in India, and how you can buy it.

Mi Electric Toothbrush T300 Specs

Mi Electric Toothbrush T300 Specs

> Magnetic Levitation Sonic Motor
> Antimicrobial bristles
> High-density
> Anti-corrosion
> Metal-free brush head
> Multiple customized brush modes
> IPX7 Water-Proof
> 25 days Battery Life with USB Type-C
> Low-Noise Design
> Dual-Pro Brush Modes with EquiClean Auto Timer
> Easy to clean removable and changeable, a brush head

Three different modes :

  • Standard mode
  • Gentle mode
  • Customized mode

You can choose the brush mode that best suits your daily teeth cleaning needs.

  • Smart App connectivity

This feature allows users to set your own brush time, brush strength, and a variety of oral care functions best suited to your diet and daily brushing habits.

You can customize it from the settings in the app; it has the option to upgrade modes and features to meet an even wider variety of teeth cleaning needs.

  • Smart Sensor data analysis:

As it’s a smart brush, so brush knows precisely how well you’re brushing. So it will also guide you through an app that what action you need to change or improve for better cleaning.

The brush has a built-in, high-precision acceleration sensor which can sense your brush position and suggest a better brushing technique. The app will give you the score to your brushing pattern to help you make it better. The app records statistics like duration, coverage, and uniformity daily. To monitor and to analyze your brushing experience. You can easily share all these details with your dentist to monitor your dental health.

  • Slip-resistant design: It’s effortless and safe to handle even with wet hands.

Easy to use on/off button: It’s IPX7 water-proof brush, so you don’t need to worry about water damage while using the on/off switch.

What you will get inside the box :

Mi Electric Toothbrush T300 inside the box :

mi electric toothbrush inside the box

  • Machine
  • Brush
  • Charging Cable
  • Brush cover
  • Colour Changing ring for doc

Mi Electric Toothbrush T300 Price :


Get yours today from here:

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