Netflix $4 Mobile-Only Monthly Plan – Launched in Malaysia

 Netflix is all set to announce the lower-cost monthly plan. After announcing it in India, the company is all set to start this monthly plan for Malaysia.

New monthly plan price tier for Malaysia published by Netflix. On-demand video streaming platform is now all set to announce this new low-cost plan.

With only $4 monthly rental Malaysian Netflix users will be able to access all the online content for free.

Existing monthly plans of $7.8 will be continued. (Customers subscribed to this plan are not allowed to watch — or cast — Netflix on their TVs and laptops.)

As per the recent research, 88%+ people in Malaysia using smartphones and from that, 78% of users have on-going internet access in their smartphones.

More than 32 million people — watch and use on-demand video streaming app to download or to stream online media content.

Mr Ajay Arora, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix, said, “Our members in Malaysia love to watch shows on their smartphones and tablets. With the first-ever Mobile plan in Southeast Asia, all of Netflix’s shows and movies will be even more accessible for Malaysians to stream and download.”

The company recently invested in producing more relevant original content for Malaysia market. Their upcoming web series “The Ghost Bride” was filmed and produced in Malaysia.

Most popular comedy web series “Polis Evo” & “Jagat” appreciated by 80% of the users in the nation.

Since its rivals are offering the same video streaming service at a lower cost, the company investing and working to reach to more part of the world.

Greg Peters recently said “Our approach with pricing is to grow revenue, and so far, uptake and retention on our mobile plan in India has been better than our initial testing suggested. This will allow us to invest more in Indian content to further satisfy our members. While still only a tiny percentage of our total subscriber base, we’re continuing to test mobile-only plans in other markets,”

Stay tuned for more such updates from the Netflix.

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