Nokia Released New SU-8W Keyboard – Bringing the Future today

Nokia’s Govt. relation head Karol Mattila tweeted a photo of Nokia SU-8W Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard. He tweeted that he is using this keyboard from 2007 and now with iPad and also use it in his Nokia S60 phone.

In 2007 such technology and Especially their N95 8 GB model was a dream of all Nokia lovers. People love their BT keyboard. Mattila added that SU-8W BT keyboard was specially designed to write long emails and content in their N 60 Series phones.

Nokia SU-8W BT Wireless Keyboard


This keyboard directly connects any device with Bluetooth and give new ordinary experience while typing. It’s foldable, and compact design let you carry it anywhere in your bag. It works on 2 AAA batteries that can give you 50 hours of unstoppable usage experience.

Nokia SU-8W is indeed bringing the future in real life. I love to see more such accessories from Nokia.

Thanks to Karol Mattila for bringing nice memories back!

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