OnePlus Truly Wireless Earbuds Coming in July: Release Date and Design

OnePlus Truly Wireless Earbuds Coming in July : Release Date and Design

OnePlus just announced it’s new truly wireless earbuds(Airpods) and also said that it is coming in July 2020. In this blog know the release date of OnePlus Truly wireless earbuds release date and it’s first look(Design).

The company announced many new products this year. Which includes flagship devices, bullets brand earphones, etc… But today OnePlus announced its first pair of true wireless earbuds.

Twitter handler “Max J” tweeted the first actual design of OnePlus truly wireless earbuds, which looks similar to Apple Airpods. Below is the actual design photo of OnePlus Truly wireless earbuds.

As per the above design we can say, it will have more clear calling/talking experience because of the long stems. Means physical mic will be more closer to your mouth.

We are still on the hunt for more specs details which is not announced yet. Stay tuned with us for more details.

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