9 points to optimizing your Google My Business Listing
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How to optimize your Google My Business listing

Google my business is totally free and easy to use tool by Google. Local businesses and organizations through which you can manage your online presence across Google. This helps customers who are in search of your business.

The Facilities included various kinds of Insights related to your business. A person who likes your service can rate it on google my business which is one of the Key Components of Ranking your Google My Business Ranking.

9 points to optimizing your Google My Business Listing

After claiming and verifying your business on Google my business all you need to do is follow this simple guide to optimize your Google my business Ranking.

  1. Enter your complete business information

Fill up all the details about your business like Business name, address, the local phone number, opening hours, prices and most importantly URL of your website.

  1. Select an Appropriate Category

 Selection of business category plays a vital role in helping your customers to find out your business and the purpose of your business. This information is also important in terms of Google my business Rankings Algorithm.

Try to choose the category from the list provided in dropdown. Creating your own category is not advisable. If you find that your business category is not mentioned then try to opt for a general business category that can give a general idea of your business.

  1. Add posts to showcase your brand and boost conversions

Google posts are an effective way of increasing your visibility. This feature has been available to all businesses since 2017.

In this posting, you can include the following things”-

  • Special offers
  • Showcase a product
  • eBook downloads
  • Short news update
  • Upcoming events
  1. Request your customers to drop a review for your business.

Reviews = Life Blood of Business

Reviews are considered to be a key factor of the local search since it generates confidence and trust of customers in your products and brands. 90% of people read reviews and make a purchase decision

  1. Ensure Name, Address and Profile across the web.

Just completing your google my business cannot meet your needs in order to engage customers.

100% Name Address, profile consistency is a benchmark for Google Rank. Once it’s done your business will get a boost in local rankings.

Follow these steps:

  • Make Sure NAP concept is proper on your Google my business.
  • Discrepancies can hamper your local search visibility.
  • Go to your Google my business dashboard and ensure all your information is correct.
  1. Add Precise Business Description:

Adding your precise business description can help your customers to know about you. You can mention your business achievements also through which your business gets more trusted in the eyes of your customers.

  1. Upload High-Resolution Images

Pictures are considered to be an important aspect of Google my Business. This can help your customer to know more about your business. They can come across your products and services or artwork if you have any.

  1. Talk to your customers directly through Google My Business Messages

Through the information, your customers find your business may be willing to call you but they do hesitate to do so. Google my business provides you with the messaging feature.

Mobile messaging can be considered a highly effective way of closing the sale.

  1. Study insights provided by Google.

Factors in Google My Business Insights:

How do customers search for your business?

Whether customers find your business listing on Google? And many more.

Google my business provides various kinds of insights. Studying them can help to know more about how customers look at your business and you can also optimize more according to the study.


Google my business is an absolutely free and incredible tool for medium and all kinds of business owners.

With the help of this tool, you can increase your online presence and position your business in front of your potential customers.

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