Samsung Galaxy S20+ Hands-on Video & Specifications – 120Hz Display, in-screen fingerprint scanner, no headphone jack

Yes, you read it right, Samsung Galaxy S20+ is here, check full specifications of Samsung’s new S20 flagship series device Galaxy S20+. We come with some new leaks about the phone, detailed camera features of the upcoming Samsung phone. We also got some real live images of Galaxy S20+. (Xda-developers confirmed some in-depth specs of […]


Samsung Galaxy Bloom (Galaxy Fold 2) – Features, Price, Release Date, Design

Before two weeks, Ice Universe posted the first photos of Samsung’s next foldable device Galaxy Fold. Today, Samsung’s CEO revealed the official name of the next foldable device of Samsung and confirmed that it will be in the S20 family. Samsung Galaxy Bloom is the official name of the next Moto Razr like the foldable […]


Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 First Appears: It’s Might be Samsung S20

Yesterday, we encountered Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 in a live photo. Ice Universe (One of the most famous Samsung leakers) tweeted a live picture of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2. Fold two is going to be the most anticipated flagship model of Samsung in 2020. Ice Universe also leaked that Galaxy S11, which could be renamed […]

Samsung Galaxy S11 Launch Date/Release Date, Specs, Display and Camera Details

We have got some exclusive details of the Samsung Galaxy S11. Samsung’s new flagship device is all set to bang on the market. Let’s find out the basic specs and details about this new phone. Note: We have limited details, for now, We will keep updating this post with more details. We found below details […]


Samsung Galaxy S11 have Periscope Zoom Camera : Leaked Camera Image

We found a leaked camera setup, the image of Samsung Galaxy S11. The phone is coming with next-gen Periscope Zoom Camera. Chinese Huawei recently introduced the same camera technology in their P30 Pro model. Rumors saying: Samsung will soon get the test sockets for their next Galaxy phone’s folded camera from Korean manufacturer. Periscope like […]


Android 12 Compatible Device List 2021/2022: When will my phone get Android 12?

Here is an exciting post, we got the final list of Android 12 compatible lists from the Manufacturers. Yes, this is a final list of Android 12 compatible Android phones. As Android 12 update for all flagship devices is in the loop. Big brands like Samsung, OnePlus Mi, ASUS, Oppo, Realme are in the race […]