Pixel 4’s new leaked official render : Shown off new Colors


Google’s upcoming phone Pixel 4’s colours have been leaked. This colour showed in an ad on Times Square.

Key Takeaway

  • Leaked Design
  • New Colors

    Google Pixel 4 leaked image

    Image Source : androidcentral

  • Leaked New Features

Google added some new colours in the Google Pixel phones on September 17 in an ad on Times Square Google announced the event date for the Pixel 4 launch with this new Orange colour.

As per the sources: Google showcased all-black colour along with “Oh So Orange” in the Times Square ad.

We have to wait till 15th Oct to see how it look in person. Else we found that Pixel 4 have new gestures with Motion Sense, face unlock and Smart dual camera. All we have to see now how Google ties it all together when it is officially revealed.

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