Samsung Galaxy Bloom (Galaxy Fold 2) – Features, Price, Release Date, Design

Before two weeks, Ice Universe posted the first photos of Samsung’s next foldable device Galaxy Fold.

Today, Samsung’s CEO revealed the official name of the next foldable device of Samsung and confirmed that it will be in the S20 family. Samsung Galaxy Bloom is the official name of the next Moto Razr like the foldable device of Samsung.

Where did they reveal Samsung’s next foldable phone name?

Samsung held a secret product meeting at CED with their partners and carrier customers, where they showcased their upcoming foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Bloom. As we all know Samsung has been known to do this in the past also, so this is not that surprising.

Companies’ CEO DJ Koh revealed the official name of the phone we’ve all been calling Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Which is as Samsung Galaxy Bloom. We also found a blurry image of the next foldable device which is 100% like the previously leaked photo.

Samsung Galaxy Bloom (Fold 2 Design):

CES 2020 Leaked photo:

CES 2020 Leaked photo:

Samsung Galaxy Bloom (Fold 2 Design):

As per the sources the design inspiration comes from Lancome’s compacts. 

Previously leaked photos: Source – Twitter

Previously leaked photos: Source - Twitter

The phone is looking similar to Moto Razr, and its dot notch first full screen seems full HD AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy Bloom Features (Fold 2 Features)

Screen: This foldable model doesn’t have a plastic film like its first Galaxy Fold device. We found they used ultra-thin glass in this Samsung Galaxy Bloom which gives it a best picture quality and video experience.


Camera: Galaxy Bloom will have a high-end camera that can shoot 8K video, if it is true then this device will be the first smartphone to support 8K video recording function. As you can see in the above blur image phone have two cameras in the back which means this phone will capture photos with the best picture quality even for the selfies as you can fold the phone and take selfies using back camera. We are not sure but there might be one ultra-wide camera and another one is a regular camera in the back.

Network: Phones will support 4G and 5G networks.

We will keep updating this post with more details about Samsung Galaxy Bloom. You can bookmark it to get any update about Samsung Galaxy Bloom from us.

The funny part is India’s E-Commerce website, Yesmobile already started selling Samsung Galaxy Bloom (Fold 2) phone online. So you can buy it right now from it, haha hahaha even when a company haven’t announced the phone. The listed the full in-depth specifications of Samsung Galaxy Bloom as well. It is quite surprising. Now the question is, is it worth to trust every online e-commerce website today or not?

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